New Home Builders Dubbo

Building a home is often described to be a long and arduous process. People who have some experience getting their homes built often tell first timers that they should expect lots of back and forth when it comes to the delivery date, not to mention the project exceeding their budget. That said O’Neill Building is one of the very few new home builders in Dubbo about whom people have never advised against. As a matter of fact we take pride in knowing that the vast majority of our business comes via word of mouth. This goes to show just how well we have performed and continue to perform for our clients. Our approach to building homes for our clients to work as fast as we can, keeping the clients best interests in mind. So, everything starting from the initial discussion and design right up until we hand over the completed home we ensure that our client’s timeline, budget and building needs are always top priority.

We build all types of homes

As one of the most trusted and credible new home builders in Dubbo we specialise in building pre designed and custom designed homes. We have the experience to build homes that are unconventional, artsy and daring. There is no building project that is too big or small for us. Though we readily like to take a dive into the biggest challenge that makes itself available we are more than happy to work on just about any type of building project. However, our goal with every project is to make sure that what we build is of the highest quality in every way possible. It is for this reason that we boast of having only the very best most creative people as part of our team.

Design to finalisation

At O’Neill Building we have a dedicated and talented team of designers, engineers, builders, subcontractors, visualises and numerous other professionals who make it possible for us to control every project like it should be from design to finalisation. We know that there are new home builders in Dubbo who may outsource some of their work but we insist on doing everything in-house, this allow us to control the quality and flow of every project. This in turn means that we can ensure that only the highest quality products are used in addition to the latest computer technology and methods to ensure the best outcome for our clients. Perhaps this is also the leading reason why we can control and make sure that the estimated time of delivery we give is more or less precise, the same goes for our quotes and why we rarely if ever go over budget.

If you are considering getting a home built and require a quote or need to discuss your project then feel free to call O’Neill Building on 02 6885 3055 or you can send an email to and we will be in touch.