Residential Builders Dubbo

O’Neill Building’s residential sector undertakes various projects from semi-detached and medium density residential developments to new homes.

We offer a number of options in delivering a residential project:

Project Home/Design

We have our own portfolio of home designs that you are able to choose from and if applicable modify to suit your needs. These designs offer good value for money.

Design and Construct

This method entails developing a design from your brief, which is carried out either by ‘in-house’ and/or working closely with a local designer to prepare concept designs, through to detailed floor plans. The major benefits of this design and construct approach:

> The design is specific for your site, needs and budget; and

> Costing is undertaken and established throughout the design process.

Owners plans

We are able to provide you with a competitive lump sum construction proposal from documentation that you may already have.

Residential buildings can be divided into a number of different categories which range from single dwellings to townhouses. However, while the design and layout differs with each construction project and personal preferences the objective is essentially the same i.e. to build a space that is comfortable, sustainable and beautiful. This is easier said than done mainly because there are quite a few different factors to consider. That said these are not factors that regular people need to bother themselves with especially if this is their first time building a home. As the leading residential builders in Dubbo our job is to make sure to take care of all everything related to the design, conception and completing of a building project on autopilot or with limited input from our clients. We ask our clients what they want to achieve and the designs and ideas they want to implement, their input is then factored into our initial design which is later fine tuned until we get that Satisfaction before commencing with the build.

Discuss your project with us

At O’Neill Building we have some of the most creative, talented and experienced people who are a part of our team. However, we love to hear from you, get your input and then formulate a plan accordingly. This is why the initial discussion is so important. The initial discussion is meant for us to fully understand your needs, budget constraints and design preferences. As professionals our experience allows us to fully understand what you need even if it’s vaguely described to us. But whatever input we get helps us come up with a design which is tailored to how you have envisioned your home to be.

We focus on quality

We want to build homes that last generations and yet look brilliant. We are great admirers of modern day design and building practices which not only use the latest equipment but also use quality materials. We are perhaps one of the few residential builders in Dubbo who can proudly back our workmanship and the homes we build with a satisfaction guarantee. This is because we can not only predict but also control the outcome of our building projects. The end result is homes that not only look modern but those that also function like they are supposed to and will last for decades. This is all the while ensuring that the homes we build are as per your needs and budget.

As leading residential builders in Dubbo we know that time is of the essence with any building project. This is why we work to ensure that any and all projects are completed within the stipulated time period even if requires that we double the manpower on it because for us completing projects in the shortest period of time is important and we have a reputation to live up to.

If you need to find out more about how we build our homes or want to view our portfolio, please call (02)68853055 or send an email to and we will be in touch.

Recent work / Residential

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