Sustainable House Plans Dubbo

When our clients visit us for the initial consultation of their project, the first step for us is to accurately understand their needs before we suggest any plans. The plans are intended not just to give us a feel for what the project will entail but to also give the client a visual overview of the end result. We draft the plans using the latest computer 3D CAD systems. The aim is to make it easy and simple for our clients to know how their home will look before we commence with the project.

We are all about sustainable housing

As builders and designers we are always looking for better and more cost effective ways to build sustainable homes in Dubbo. However, planning and then building a sustainable home that receives the highest rating can often require a lot more work depending on the plot of land and the type of home we are asked to build. That said over the years we have devised a number of methods to ensure that regardless of what we are asked to build, it’s always environmentally friendly and most of all sustainable. Sustainable housing also ensures that our clients save money in the long term even though at times they can be cost slightly more upfront. People with high quality, well built sustainable homes can save a lot of money in the way of their electricity, gas and maintenance bill each year, while also adding additional value to the resale of your home and ultimately reducing the homes environmental impact.

We plan and do everything for you

As our client you do not have to worry about if our sustainable house plans in Dubbo can be built, if we will use the best materials or whether the project will meet all existing building codes. These are matters that we assure clients will be handled in-house by our team of highly qualified, creative and experienced professionals. However, every project starts with a discussion with our clients about what they expect to achieve with the project. Once we know what your preferences are we go about designing a home that meets your every need and yet is sustainable but meets all current building codes in the area. We then provide you with a budget estimate and an estimated time of completion. This is why we are the professionals of choice for many home owners.

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